Book Review – Magnetic Reverie

Hey guys!!!

I’m back and I’m starting a new project…Book Reviews!!!!

The first book I’ve read for this new offshoot of my blog is…Magnetic Reverie by Nico J. Genes.

So, without further ado…


I’m not a particular fan of the Romance genre, but I really enjoyed this book.
Lana is a young newlywed living in Washington, D.C. with her husband Greg. Recently, she has begun to have vivid dreams about a woman named Claire who she is romantically involved with in Slovenia. The catch is…Lana has never met this Claire before. Lana is living in two separate realities, one while she is awake and one while she is asleep. This book is about growing, finding yourself, and following your heart.
The structure of the novel alternates between Lana’s waking reality (her life with Greg) and her dream reality (her life with Claire). Although this is a bit jarring at first, it keeps the story moving quickly.
The point of view is first person, which makes for a refreshingly conversational piece, and also adds a bit of mystery. At first, Lana is confused by her dreams, and the reader only knows as much as Lana does. This allows the reader to experience any answers that may come along with Lana, making for non-stop suspense.
I do wish there were more details regarding setting. For example, this description of the rivers Lana sees with Greg – “It’s not quite Niagra Falls, but it has its own charm due to varied landscapes.” pg 105 – left me feeling like I wanted to know what those landscapes looked like. A few more descriptive words would have been great.
Overall, Magnetic Reverie was an enjoyable and thoughtful read and I would recommend it.

(PS. I would like these reviews to be a regular part of my repertoire so if any authors out there need honest reviews of their work, leave a comment below! 😝)

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